Mary Beth

Roles you perform regularly:
Mostly Tech, debuted as Crim for Genderswap, recently performed as Dr Scott.

Year you joined HoH:
Unofficially, the move from the Bellevue — November 2017. Officially, January 2018.

Why did you join HoH?
Both of my children were already performing on cast, and I was there at the show most of the time anyway. I had been part of a short-lived, never-really-got-off-the-ground shadowcast in Jersey City back in 1981 or so. I have always loved the movie. Each performance I get to relive a little bit of my youth and work together with some unique, talented people who put on a helluva show. I look forward to continuing to help bring the Rocky experience to the masses.

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory:
Racing across midtown in a taxi with several cast members to help do an emergency unload and setup for the 40th anniversary convention show. And I wasn’t even on cast then!

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you:
I am a college professor.

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