Roles you perform regularly:
Stage Bitch (aka Stage Manager)

Year you joined HoH:

Why did you join HoH?
HOH was asking the universe for a stage manager and I happened to see that Facebook post. Coincidentally, I have stage management experience AND I needed something fun to invest my time into so this seemed to be a perfect soup.

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory:
Since I’m fairly new on cast, I don’t have anything outstanding yet but taking a cast road trip out to Pittsburgh to support the JCCP (another Rocky cast) and getting to meet Barry Bostwick at their show was pretty rad.

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you:
I own a massage and stretch therapy clinic - Project Body - check it out sometime. I also get to dress up like a wench, scream at people in a bad British accent and sell dragons at the Ren Faire. And I have 5 dogs who I take hiking everyday. One of them is a giant St Bernard named Eleanor. The rest are rescued pits/mutts.

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