Roles you perform regularly:
Director of Operations
I also perform regularly as Frank N Furter, and less regularly as Riff Raff. I’ve been Eddie and Rocky as well, because sometimes it’s just fun to change it up.

Year you joined HoH:
September 2016

Why did you join HoH?
My best friend was on cast and I made his costumes and did his makeup, so I was at every show anyway. Naturally, I started helping while I was there -- merch, lights, photography, whatever. Being invited to join officially was mostly a "well you're basically on cast anyway, and we need help with event promotion." I didn't intend to start performing, but here we are. 

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory:
Performing in the Jersey City Cemetery in front of 350+ people was the first time I ever really felt truly confident in my performance.  Performing at the Newton Theater for 600+ people a couple weeks later is to date the most exhilarating experience I've had. Constantly sharing the stage with my friends is what makes it fun. 

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you:
I love old music. In the past three years, I've seen The Who, The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney, and Paul Simon in concert. 

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