Roles you perform regularly:
Janet, Trixie, and Tech

Year you joined HoH:

Why did you join HoH?
I ended up auditioning for a production of the Rocky Horror Show in 2010 when I was 14 (without ever having seen the movie) and fell in love with it! As soon as I heard that there were midnight showings I had to go. I ended up losing my Rocky Virginity at the Home of Happiness and after that, I kept wanting to come back to do the Time Warp again! I even had the opportunity to Direct a shadow cast performance at my college!

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory:
Being starstruck by Barry Bostwick on stage. He interviewed me in front of a huge crowd, hugged me, and gave me a pair of underwear that he signed!

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you:
I'm the first Romanian cast member at HoH (as far as I'm aware).

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