Roles you perform regularly:
Brad, Tech

Year you joined HoH:

Why did you join HoH?
In the late forties, while searching for the ruins of Babylon with my orangutan companion, I came upon a sharply dressed man floating above a small pool of crystalline liquid, whistling an ancient melody. He spoke to me in a language I did not recognize, but it was yet familiar to me, like a childhood memory corrupted by the fascism of old age. I fell into a trance and, upon coming to, found myself in a dark and foreboding courtyard. I was in the Kingdom of Beelzebub, this much I knew. But what day was it? How long had I been entranced? These questions remain without answers, and I am beginning to believe that the questions themselves are merely riddles, meant to enlighten some and obscure others. I never found Babylon, but in the years that followed, came to realize it was within me all along, part of the battle between life and death that we all fight, every day, at the precipice of a dream. The orangutan and I parted ways that day, but on a clear, quiet night, I can still hear him, laughing like the day he was born.

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory:
The orangutan and I once lost our caravan in a game of rummy with a mustachioed street peddler, but the last laugh was ours when we stole away, barefoot but entirely enlivened, with his wife in tow. We feasted that night on Ful Mudammas and rich, Syrian wine.

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you:
I have lived for 6,000 years and have no idea when I will die.

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