Roles you perform regularly
Riff Raff, Curmudgeon, Voice of Reason

Year you joined HoH
1998. Founding member baby!

Why did you join HoH
I was promised HoH would be different from other casts and we'd treat Rocky more like a theater group. We had lots of people pursuing acting and theater back then. At the time I was just lights & tech without any ambition to perform, I just wanted to go one level deeper beyond an audience member.

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory
I've forgotten more memorable moments than most people on cast have. Seeing a preview of The Rocky Horror Show on Broadway was awesome. The 25th Anniversary in Las Vegas was memorable for lots of reasons. 

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you
I drive a really loud really fast car. When I lived in Tennessee people told me my car was so Jersey. Now that I'm back I just blend in.