What the hell am I doing here?

So you're thinking to yourself, what does actually go on at The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Is it some sort of cult? Is it a movie? Is it a play? Is it a safe environment? Is wrestling fixed? The answer to all these questions and more is "Yes. Now give us your money".

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is basically 50% movie, 50% play, and 100% participation. The show involves not only a performance of the movie musical, but spontaneous improvisation by our cast members, and audience participation as well.

It is a safe environment - drugs, alcohol, sex and nudity are NOT allowed at the show. This is not to say that there aren't scantily clad women and a whole bunch of explicit language. It's not a church social. The show has a lot of sexual humor in it. But it's safer than almost anything else you can do on a Saturday night.

So is this show right for you? The kind of people that have fun here are the kind of people that can enjoy laughing at themselves, making fun of others, and generally have a good (albeit sometimes offensive) sense of humor. And we tend to attract that sorta group to our audience and they seem to stick around and continually pay money to do so on a semi-weekly basis. Silly people. But hey, can't blame people for knowing what they like.

What Goes On Before The Show

The show starts at midnight, but some people start gathering at the theatre sometimes as early as 11:00. We have no idea why. It might be to socialize. It might be because they have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. But if you are looking for a place to be before the show, the lobby is it. If you're lucky, you're there on the same week as Rocky Mom and her delicious naughty desserts! She also makes balloon... umm... animals?

Music is playing for people as they file into the theater. People continue getting to know one another and getting into the mood of the show until the show finally gets around to starting. Dance and be merry! Make friends with our regulars! This is where you get to know the people that will help guide you through the rest of your Rocky experience.


Those of you who have never seen the show before are considered "Virgins". If you've seen it on Comedy Central, or VH1, or Fox it doesn't count. And fuck you if you streamed it on Netflix or iTunes. The only way you can officially lose the stigma of being a virgin is if you see the show at a movie theatre and go through a process known as devirginization. It's a relatively harmless process albeit somewhat humiliating. But it's all good clean fun. Seriously!

Now I know that bunch of you looking at this page are really concerned about what "they are gonna do to me". It's not about that really. It's more about what are you willing to put yourself through for a good laugh. We won't make you do anything horrible. You will be put through just a few moments of humiliation and its over with. The best part is after you go through it you can bring your friends the next week and have them go through the same thing. If you have a good sense of humor, you will have a great time.

Isn't there a movie here somewhere?

Well the main event - what you pay your $7.00 to see cannot be described here in words or in pictures. But thats not gonna stop us from trying!

Essentially, we act out what's going on in the movie on our stage. We aim for replica costume pieces and we have a really impressive battery of props. We have a full cast that imitates each character from the movie while it's happening. And we mimic verbatim what is happening on the screen right there in the theatre... Sorta.

Truth be told, we try not to bore you with robotic accuracy. We cut up and improvise and we make it a lot more interesting than what's going on, on the screen. If you want to see a show that does EXACTLY what's happening on screen, you can buy the Blu-Ray. Coming to our show is as much about atmosphere as it is about accuracy. The combined efforts of this lead to something we like to call "accurasphere". Or, in English, it's about showmanship and professionalism. The goal is to give the audience their seven bucks worth and then laugh another fifty cent worth of milk out of their noses.

Audience partici-whatta?

While the silly people on stage acting out the scenes in the film are a big part of the show, the biggest part of the show is actually the audience. And it's the hardest part to explain. It's started out years ago relatively simple - someone yelled something funny at the screen. It was sort of a precursor to Mystery Science Theatre 3000. This evolved from people yelling stuff at the screen to people throwing things - like rice, toast and toilet paper - at appropriate places in the movie. Now it's morphed into something much bigger. The audience shouts their lines, throws stuff, dances, and gets completely immersed in what's happening on screen, on the stage and in the entire theatre.

Feeling overwhelmed and afraid of showing up your first time and not knowing what the hell you are supposed to do? Don't worry about it. Just show up, sit back and enjoy the show. The regulars in the audience will show you the way. Just play along with them. And before you know it you will not only be dancing and shouting stuff but you will be getting other people up to dance and making up stuff to shout. You can also buy a prop bag before the show for $5, these include all of the normal props, plus a few fun extras! You too can throw toast, just like a seasoned Rocky audience veteran. This way, you'll blend.

Be forewarned! There is swearing, there are offensive remarks, and language, there is a lot of scantily clad people and transvestites running around. There are large, somewhat phallic props, if this does not make you go "yay" sorry, no refunds. Just kidding, we like to think of ourselves as a "Family Rocky show." Sure, we push the limits, but we've had countless sweet 16's and Bar mitzvahs at the show, and they keep coming back. Wardrobe malfunctions notwithstanding, it's nothing that you haven't already seen, and we try to keep everything in fairly good taste. Like a popular restaurant chain, we like to think of ourselves as "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined."

You don't have to go home...

but you can't stay here.

When the show comes to an end everyone leaves the theatre and mills about outside. The cast cleans up, strikes the props, and changes out of costume. After some more milling about outside most people go to a local diner for some good eats. Ask a cast member which one it will be that week, most likely whatever diner hasn't pissed us off/kicked us out the week before. 

And that's it. The whole shebang. You now have the foggiest notion of what goes on behind those doors. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can't really understand it till you've gone. And even then it's still kinda hard to soak in. Going to the show is a very different experience than just reading about it. Abandon all hope ye who enter these gates. Once you go once it's all downhill... but it's a lovely ride.