Roles you perform regularly
Criminologist and Riff Raff

Year you joined HoH

Why did you join HoH
After spending so much time at the show, helping the cast find its first regular theater, hanging out with some of the members outside of the show, and performing in Shock Treatment; it seemed like the next logical step. 

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory
My favorite memory has got to be from the first time I went to Rocky Horror (entirely by accident): A few friends and I were aimlessly driving around Teaneck when we ran into a group of cute Goth chicks hanging out in front of a movie theater. As I stood there wiping the smeared whiteface and misplaced angst off the windshield, this chick in a sparkly gold jacket and hat walked by and into the theater. Hypnotized by the shininess of it all, we followed her into the theater just in time for the Time Warp. I had no idea what the Hell I was witnessing except that there were a bunch of lunatics in crazy outfits running around, acting out this really freaking weird movie while other people shouted funny shit and threw stuff at each other. It was like some bizarre, magical dream come true and I was hooked from that moment forward.

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you

I regularly attend regional Burning Man events and even helped found one of the more popular regional theme camps: Camp TIKI.