Roles you perform regularly

Tech, Transie and Brad

Year you joined HoH

Why did you join HoH
In 2013, the first time I attended a performance, during the second verse of Frank's “Wild and Untamed Thing”, the universe grabbed me firmly by the testicles, shook me upside down, stole my passport, and dropped me in Montclair; the resulting head trauma made me fall psychopathically in love with Rocky culture. See: clarity (n.) 

Your most memorable Rocky Horror moment/memory
Before my first performance as Brad, I was freaking out and such, so Liz gave me magic rum juice and then everything was beautiful and spinny.

Interesting, non-Rocky related, fact about you

Out walking beneath the highway one afternoon, a trio of policemen stopped me for “suspicious ambulation”. While the main copper was checking my records, I stood in awkward silence with the remaining two; the only words spoken to me were “You look like Macaulay Culkin.”